Changing Lives: Masibumbane Crèche

CINDI works with 60 community based organizations in Pietermaritzburg and surrounding areas. As an umbrella organization, CINDI is committed to mobilizing resources to make sure children receive the care and support they deserve. Hear directly from CINDI below on how their 'adopt-a-crèche' initiative is helping give kids a better start in life.

Quality early childhood interventions have the greatest impact on children most at risk, offering an unparalleled opportunity to alleviate the effects of social disadvantage and to break cycles of poverty and inequality. Early childhood offers the greatest opportunities for positive human development, but is also the period when children are most at risk. Negative influences on a child’s development during early childhood can be irreversible.

An early childhood surrounded by books and educational toys will leave positive fingerprints on a person’s brain well into their late teens, a two-decade-long research study has shown.

Unfortunately, most of the crèches that we are trying to assist, do not have educational books and toys, and this affects the amount of stimulation the children receive. Active play in these facilities is limited due to lack of space. Due to lack of funding and high level of poverty, the facilities are unable to afford toys.

In South Africa the most important resource that we have are our children. Without a competent start our children remain vulnerable. Early Childhood Development is one of our key priority areas in terms of the growth of children, it gives them an effective start in terms of their education.

CINDI works with Early Childhood Centres / Crèches in the Umgungundlovu District. These crèches face many challenges in particular the lack of educational resources, infrastructure, equipment and relevant qualifications. CINDI’s ADOPT A CRECHE Project aims to build the capacity and mobilise resources for these centres.

Nearly everything a growing child needs to learn is developed and practiced in play. Children who do not play or who do not have the opportunity to play are at increased risk for abnormal development and deviant behaviour.

Learn more about CINDI here.

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