Face to Face fundraising is an essential and highly effective part of our fundraising programme to find new supporters, committed to giving. This style of fundraising gives potential donors the opportunity to talk directly to a representative of Family for EveryChild NZ, giving them access to information about how we operate and how their money will be used to help vulnerable children and their families.

Private sites
Private site fundraising is where our teams will visit a variety of locations such as train stations, shopping centres, supermarkets, large public events and festivals. These teams will set up a Family for Every Child stand to work from and the team will be engaging with people to provide them with information about the charity and sign up supporters to donate.

Street Fundraising
Our street fundraisers work in teams in town centres to talk to members of the public to give them information about Family for EveryChild and ask them to sign up to support us.

About our fundraisers
Our teams of fundraisers are highly trained and enthusiastic individuals. They are dedicated to raising money and building awareness of our commitment to ensuring every child can grow up in a safe family environment. We are committed to ensuring that our fundraisers offer a positive experience to the public when interacting with them, and are friendly, professional and helpful.

Fundraising policies
We are members of the PFRA and the Fundraising Institute of New Zealand. All of our fundraisers follow the code of conduct set out by the PFRA.

The Family For Every Child NZ Fundraising Code of Conduct is available here. Our Direct Debit Service Agreement is available here.

About our Agencies
Family NZ work with trusted partner agencies to help deliver professional ethical fundraising on our behalf.

How to recognize a Family for Every Child fundraiser
All of our fundraisers will:
Be wearing a yellow t-shirt or black jacket, with Family for Every Child logo
Be wearing an ID badge with the fundraiser’s name, photo and ID number
If you are unsure as to whether someone claiming to represent Family for Every Child is an authorized fundraiser you can contact our Supporter Care supporter.care@familyforeverychild.org.nz