Foundation for Innovative Social Development

Country: Sri Lanka
Established: 2011

Addressing family separation drivers through sustainable social development

Foundation for Innovative Social Development (FISD) was established in 2011 by a team of social workers looking to address gaps in social development. They wanted to tackle the influencing factors contributing to widespread poverty and poor living conditions, namely child rights abuses, alcohol and other drug dependence, and gender-based violence. By addressing these issues, the organisation contributes to strengthening families, and preventing family separation.

Today, FISD stands as a pioneering NGO in the field of social development and works across six districts in Sri Lanka. FISD’s programmes aim to provide healthy environments for child development, address alcohol and other drug dependency related problems, and enhance the status of women. FISD also contributes to the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals through their achievements at the local and national policy level,  as well as knowledge management through the creation of conducive environments for learning and transformation.


FISD’s programming is based on the core values of innovation, justice, and equity. The organisation has a strong children’s rights focus, and aims to influence better outcomes for children through the delivery of holistic solutions and integrated programmes. Their approach is heavily grounded in the community, with a focus on increasing civil society participation and community mobilisation.

Through their Child Rights Protection and Promotion Programme, both children and communities are empowered to advocate for policy changes, including through children’s clubs aimed at facilitating better access to their rights. FISD’s gender-sensitivity programme empowers women, and promotes positive masculinity with men and boys. Alcohol and other drugs prevention programmes are carried out with youth groups to the reduce supply and demand for these substances in village locations. The ultimate aim of the programme is to reduce substance use, including associated health problems and gender-based violence, as well as empower youth to achieve their fullest potential.

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