Amanda Griffith - Chair

Amanda is in charge of leading the Secretariat so that it implements our strategic direction as laid out by the Board. She is responsible for the management decisions made in consultation with all members.

Amanda has over 35 years of experience of working with vulnerable and marginalised children and young people and 16 years of experience at Director and Chief Executive level. Before joining Family, Amanda held several leading positions at Save the Children and was Director of Programmes at EveryChild. Throughout her career, Amanda has led research and published extensively, including for the European Commission, the German Government and the World Economic Forum. She has worked with the UK Government in policy forums in the development of white papers on youth and social exclusion and with the European Commission on equality and diversity.

Ian Hanham - Trustee

Ian brings to our Board a strong knowledge on financial leadership and UK-charity governance. An accountant, Ian joined EveryChild in May 2010 from the British Red Cross where he was Head of Financial Planning and Reporting. Prior to this he worked in the international oil and gas sector in a variety of financial management, business performance and corporate governance roles. Ian is currently Director of Finance and Information Systems at Nuffield Foundation.

Dawn Engelbrecht - Trustee

Dawn, who is an accountant by training, grew up in England but moved to South Africa at age 18 where she met her husband Peter.  She lived there for 16 years before moving to New Zealand in 2000.

On arriving in New Zealand with a young family and no extended family or support networks, Dawn understood firsthand the need for out of school care.

This is where her journey in the sector began as she bought a small sKids franchise that started with six children (three were her own!) and grew from there. Following a management buyout with her NZ business partner, Dawn now owns the international rights to sKids.

sKids currently looks after over 6,400 children every day in New Zealand at over 160 locations throughout the country. Dawn has also expanded off shore under a separate brand, Sherpa Kids, which is currently operating in Australia, England, Ireland, Canada and South Africa and growing.

Dawn is passionate about ensuring that every child, irrespective of their life circumstances, has the opportunity to experience a safe and happy childhood.